NBA Gaming Test on the new iOcean X8 with Mediatek MTK6592 Octa Core CPU, 2GB RAM, 1080p 5" display.

iOcean X8 Review Slim Rear Glass Casing

iOcean X8 Review : iOcean X8 is an effort just launched this year, this machine is the main design and exquisite workmanship, it is just a release from the X8, I have been concerned about, two days before the official forum fortunate to be X8 tasting local friends , have to say, I did just get the machine to give it a stunning, double-sided glass with metal frame in the end there where it amazing? With the view of it. Man of few words said, now let diagram.

Jiayu S2 Review Aluminium Body Octa Core CPU

Jiayu S2 Review

For smart phone , the user's requirements has always been straightforward, no matter what kind of appearance, a few basic configuration seems to be the bottom line when the user selects a cell phone. Screen, processor, camera, these factors determine the user evaluation of a mobile phone, but also determines the positioning of a mobile phone in the market. Jiayu S2 is perhaps the needs of users for several major launch of a high-performance smart phone products, from hardware, it is difficult to see what it has deficiencies, "a mainstream configuration smartphone" seems to be our The first impression of this product.