Lenovo A850 Review

Lift the Lenovo smartphone , perhaps the first time we think of now is selling Lenovo K900 , stainless steel slim and powerful Intel dual-core four-thread processor gives the left a deep impression. Lenovo smart phones in addition to flagship high-end flagship K-series, there is a main fashion S series, P series featuring focus on business, aimed at the cost-effective entry-A series, today went to Zhongguancun online phone evaluation room is the A series New Products A850 , this product is claimed to be redefined in 2013 Qianyuan Ji smartphone, then we see if it is real.

Lenovo A850 Specification

Lenovo A850 Specification

Lenovo A850 Specification

Xiaocai X9 Review. MT6589 Quad Core CPU 8MP Camera

Xiaocai X9 $149.99

This year is the strong rise of large-screen smart phone of the year, about 5 inches or even more than 6 inches screen smart phones have emerged, perhaps using a mobile phone for those who like to watch movies, play games, users can bring the big screen for better viewing experience , but there are many users that 4.5 inches screen mobile phone portability better carry around not only convenient, single-handed operation easier. Xiaocai phones recently introduced Xiaocai X9 which is a 4.5-inch screen using a new product, with a variety of fashionable colors and slim, and equipped with a quad-core platform, the most impressive is a Xiaocai X9 Standard Edition requires only 888 yuan price is the phone's Xiaocai and a competitive new machine.   Xiaocai X9 order to meet the different needs of different users, which introduces a standard version and high version of the two different versions of the hardware configuration of the main difference is that high version with a main frequency higher MT6589T quad-core processor, the memory area is 2G RAM +32 G ROM combination of high capacity, other aspects are consistent with the standard version, the price is relatively higher, the protagonist of this Xiaocai X9 Standard Edition.

Sony Xperia C S39h Review Video

SONY Sony mobile phones launched this year in addition to a variety of people watched the star products, a configuration is not high model Sony S39H the four core machine also attracting much attention, because this is Sony's first equipped with a smart chip MTK mobile phones, and also Sony's first to China Unicom customized dual card dual standby mobile phone. Sony S39H has now been officially listed for sale, the price of the aircraft but also created a Sony quad-core product prices low, online starting price is only 1,799 yuan.

Mlais MX68 New Android Phone

Nearly two months there will be a big surprise attack from waves flagship product, aside foreign Samsung NOT3, IPHONE5S/5C and Sony Xperia i1 and other foreign products, native to the beginning of the new machine will have three Millet 3, Meizu MX3 and other machine vivo X3 type, another pass there OPPO home shaking earth spirits camera artifact OPPO N1 will also be available in late September, one thousand products seem to have a tacit agreement. In addition to these domestic star products, recently there are also many programs used MTK upcoming new machine, among them the previously mentioned vivo X3, which is rumored machine uses MTK MT6589T four nuclear program, in addition to various models high-profile quad-core products will be officially on sale in two days.

TCL Y910 Leaked

Strong return to overseas markets, TCL Mobile Recently the new machine series has been exposed, previously an internal model for the TCL Y910 new products due to the big screen ultra-thin frame and big screens to attract a lot of attention, the hardware specifications are also strong enough, and rumored price is only a little higher than the gun stuff, people full of expectations.Informed sources have also recently exposed a suspected TCL Y910 real machine spy photos, this screen proportion, too Guards.